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Limited Liability Company (LLC) - commonly used for international holding activities but is suitable for any other unregulated type of activity. Legal structure is Limited Liability Company.


Popular states are: Nevada, Delaware, Wyoming, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Connecticut, Arkansas, Texas.



Foreign Income Taxation – NIL   Beneficial Owner Records – Not Required
Min Share Capital to be Paid Up – NIL   Disclosure of Beneficial Owners – Court Decision
Tax Treaties – No access   Beneficial Owner Declaration – Not Required
Delivery Time Frame – 10 working days            
  Documents Kept at Business Address – No special requirements
Min № of Members – 2
  Annual Filing of Accounts Requirement – NO
Local Member – Not required   Preparing of Accounts Requirement – NO
Local Secretary – Not required   Annual Audited Accounts Requirement – NO
Corporate Members – Allowed   Due Diligence Requirements: visit  RESOURCES
Public Register of Shareholders – YES   FATF Black List - Not Listed



- Company Registration Services

- Nominee Members

- Power of Attorney with Apostille

- Apostilled Company Documentation Basic Set

     First Year: EUR 1,300.00    

     Second and Subsequent Years: EUR 1,050.00

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