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EU Low Tax Company

EU Low Tax Company

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 A regular European Union company registered by VAT with the difference that it is incorporated in a European Union member state with efficient tax policy EU Low Tax Company. Recommended Jurisdictions are: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta

It is an exciting challenge to start a business in a foreign country. However, such a decision must really have sense.

Considering Bulgaria as the destination for a new business or expansion of an already existing one, it is reasonable to have in mind the following attractions:  read more

Corporate Income Tax Rate – 10%

Stable Macroeconomic Environment

EU Operational Programs Access

Lowest Life Cost in EU

68 Double Taxation Treaties

Stable Banking System 

Lowest Labor Cost in EU

Lowest Rent Prices in EU

Crossroad Geographical Location
Growing Infrastructure

Skilled and Competitive HR

Lowest Real Estate Prices in EU